JPS Cloth

How To Order

Dion Chemicals is a distributor in Australia for JPS Fibreglass cloth, which is manufactured in the USA specifically to Dion Chemicals standards of strength and ease of use.

JPS Composite Materials Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of high strength fiberglass and synthetic fabrics. With many unique and superior properties, advanced composites provide unlimited design opportunities for the improvement of existing products or the development of new ones.

We believe using this fibreglass cloth along with our Bennett Dion quality ISO foam blanks, will give you the ultimate finished product. You will be able to produce the lightest, strongest surfboard.

Dion carry’s the JPS range in 4 oz Great White, S Cloth and Ultra. We also carry 6 oz and 7.5 oz. As well as the Volan. Contact us direct for pricing and availability.


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