6’5” EPS Blank

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EPS is Expanded Poly Styrene also known as bead foam.

EPS material has been around since the 1950?s, but has really taken off again in Surfboard building in the last few years. We now supply custom EPS Foam Blanks; this EPS is highly fused and has a much smaller bead size than the early years.

EPS must be glassed with Epoxy Resin. Early epoxies were highly toxic if not handled right. They were also not very clear and tended to be more yellow brown in colour. But our own branded CET Resin is more environmentally friendly, has better clarity and is white.

EPE Blanks are lighter than PU Blanks, and the use of Epoxy in their finish makes then more durable than polyester resin.

Technical Specs PDF

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