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Soltek UV Catalyst+ is specifically designed and chemically formulated for the surfboard manufacturing industry. Using Soltek UV Catalyst+ offers exceptional advantages over competitors who use traditional room temperature curing hardeners such as MEKP. Comparable in cost, many of the world’s top surfboard manufacturers have realised that UV curing is the next step in surfboard materials technology. Soltek UV Catalyst+ offers not only better performance and quality, but massive increases in productivity and cost savings.

Soltek UV Catalyst+ offers the following advantages:

  • Cure is effected in a matter of minutes reducing the time taken to manufacture a board by well over a half. This allows for greater factory capacity with minimal to no additional capital investment.
  • Maximum resin strength is achieved within minutes. Tests show that a Soltek UV Catalyst+ cured board is over 3 times stronger and 2.5 times stiffer than a board cured using MEKP. These traditional room temperature cured boards require weeks to reach maximum strength and stiffness and never reach the performance properties of Soltek UV Catalyst+ cured boards.
  • Resin transparency is increased as UV cured boards resist the yellow/ brown discoloration which affects MEKP cured boards.
  • Curing is temperature independent meaning that the same cure is achieved within minutes regardless of ambient temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Harmful styrene emissions are reduced to only aquarter of the emmissions resulting from MEKP curing meaning UV curing is more environmentally friendly.
  • Indefinite pot life which means you can work the resin and perfect board application until you are ready to cure. This increase in cure control results in higher quality glassing and a reduced need for sanding.
  • Resin waste is eliminated as you can collect excess resin and reuse it on subsequent boards or put it aside for repair jobs.
  • Ding Repair and fin attachment is fast with Soltek UV Catalyst+ increasing productivity and ensuring maximum strength is achieved immediately.

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